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Graphics Pro Needed: Logo! :D

2010-08-26 08:51:47 by dSieben

Howdy guys!
I'm in need of some help! I'm starting a Production shindig with my best friend for YouTube :3 I just need a awesome starter reel (if it that's call it). Is that pre-made animated logo before the film or flash that is in front of all there films. I have a great name and a idea for a logo and what no. I just need a animator and graphics pro to mash it all up :3 I mean, It would be an awesome help :D Message me here for more details.

Thanks :D


2010-08-15 23:53:57 by dSieben

You guys have any ideas on what I can draw next with Paint?
Look at my current stuff and then offer me an idea.


Crap Load

2010-08-14 04:18:42 by dSieben


In the last two day, I've made and uploaded a shit load of new artwork that I've done via-Paint (well, technically Paintbrush, the Mac version of Paint). Um, go check that shit out. Rate it, comment it, review it. I do it for fun. Um, do it now. Stop reading and go, go, and go.


Oh, I watch Despicable Me. It was an alright movie.

Artsy Artwork!

2010-08-12 07:10:04 by dSieben

Howdy Guys. I just posted up a Paint-version of Johnny Bravo! :D Go on and rate and comment.


2010-08-08 17:44:42 by dSieben

Gonna' eat me a lotta' of 'em.

Okay, here's the shot out of the cannon: Megan Fox, Elisha Cuthbert, and Naomi (yes, the porn star). You gotta' fuck one, marry one, kill one, go! Answer via-reply.


2010-08-07 22:23:14 by dSieben

I bring the "Sex" back in "Convicted Sex Criminal" - Just kidding, but really.


2010-08-06 07:56:35 by dSieben

I like rainbow cookies and gumdrop teddy bears. Just kidding, I like manly stuff like sex and dirt.